End-to-End Mineral Exploration & Operation Platform

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End-to-End Mineral Exploration & Operation Platform

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Accelerating the Value Creation of Mineral Projects Across Australia & Indonesia

Petros is a platform with a focus in bridging the ecosystem of digital advancement and its application in exploring, creating and accelerating mineral mining projects in Australia and Indonesia.
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Professional Team
Commitment to Safety
Advanced Technology

Highly Optimised Mineral Exploration Process

At Petros, we leverage advanced analytical and digital tools in shaping exploration programs.
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Digitally Enabled World-Class Mining Services

With our framework, dedicated team of experts, partners and suite of digital solutions, we aim to operate mines optimally backed by speed and accuracy of our Minerva platform.
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EPCM Synergy with Best-in-Class Service Excellence

We collaborate to establish a robust project delivery from planning to execution and leveraging access to technology and experts.
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Our Commitment & Achievement

Bringing World-Class Mining Technology

With access to relevant technology in discovering, exploring and assessing mines across various commodities, Petros delivers a promise of sustainable, fast and valuable mining.

Target Zero: Focus on Sustainability & Establishing a Responsible Operation

Our Zero Harm values are part of our ethics and integrity. We strive to protect our employees, the community and minimise our environmental footprint. By engaging with the indigenous and local community within our areas of operation, we can contribute to a safe and sustainable future and economy.

Access to 50+ Years Best-in-Class Expertise & Capabilities

As a subsidiary of Petrosea, a leading multi-disciplinary mining, engineering, procurement & construction and oil & gas services company located in Indonesia, Petros holds many keys of accelerating mining projects backed by an extensive 50 years of expert experience and a network of crucial tools.